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TASER Pulse Battery Pack

TASER Pulse Battery Pack

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The TASER Pulse Lithium Replacement Battery Pack delivers 50 firings and is easy to install. Just slide the pistol grip cover off of the bottom of your TASER Pulse, disconnect the old battery, and connect the new one. This is the long life replacement battery for the TASER Pulse only. It will not fit any of the "C", "M" or "X" models.

This durable lithium power magazine powers all TASER Pulse devices. This is not a rechargeable battery.


TASER Pulse 


90-Day Warranty


TASER Pulse Battery Pack
Note: the battery pack is not compatible with the Pulse+. The TASER Pulse+ battery is two CR123 batteries that are user-replaceable and found in many stores that carry batteries. 

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