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SMART 24,000,000* Keychain Stun Gun

SMART 24,000,000* Keychain Stun Gun

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Stay protected with the SMART 24,000,000 Keychain Stun Gun – a compact, powerful self-defense solution. Touch Sensing Safety, LED flashlight, lifetime warranty. Easy USB charging, powerful stun effect, and compact size for portability.


  • US Design Patent No. US D889,591 S
  • Micro USB Charging: Convenient charging via USB or wall block charger
  • Powerful Stun Gun: Deters attackers with intimidating sound and debilitating effects
  • Touch Sensing Safety: Automatically readies the unit and activates LED flashlight
  • LED Flashlight: Reliable light source without turning off the stun gun
  • Lifetime Warranty: Purchase with confidence, backed by Streetwise Security Products
  • Additional Accessories: Rubberized armor coating, quick-release key chain, and compact size
  • Fashionable Colors: Available in Black, Pink, and Teal
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